02 July 2016

Entertain callers on hold with Music, Radio, Surveys and Quizzes!

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center, ComputerTalk

on hold

of callers prefer on hold messages to music.

of callers who hang up while waiting on hold will not call back.

have purchased additional products based on info they heard while on hold.

Waiting on hold tests even the most patient of callers. Most contact centers today cannot do away with the concept of waiting on hold, but there are ways to make the experience more positive for callers. One way is to jazz up the on hold experience for your callers.

ice delivers Music On Hold, Messages On Hold, Radio On Hold, Surveys On Hold, and Quizzes On Hold. In addition to playing messages and music, you can also play radio and interactive customer quizzes. With these added features, customers are more likely to be engaged and less likely to feel that they are wasting their time. 

onhold benefits

Depending on the industry, there are different use cases for advanced on hold applications. Click an entry in the list below to jump to the example use cases for that industry: