08 December 2014

Skype Video – now a supported modality in ice Contact Center for Lync

Written by Martin Borowski, Vivian Pow, Posted in Skype, Contact Center, Microsoft, ComputerTalk, Unified Communications

Microsoft just released a new version of Skype, which delivers Skype and [LYNC] videos. ice is [LYNC] native, so new features that Microsoft add to [LYNC] and Skype would work with ice, with little to no customization or tweaking required.

We have just verified that Skype video calls is another modality that ice can handle! Benefits are that we can support video calls into ice from skype users as well as Lync users. This means that video support is much less esoteric than it was before, since now any Skype user (assuming they roll the change out to the rest of the clients) is going to be able to call into ice with video.

For a demo, sign up at www.computer-talk.com/demo-request

11 November 2014

Microsoft announces Skype for Business

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Skype, Microsoft, ComputerTalk, Lync

Lync is Skype.

Microsoft transforms Lync into Skype for Business, taking us another step closer to Universal Communications. This will be available in the first half of 2015. Find out more about Skype for Business by watching this video.

Microsoft is bringing consumers and business together – Mobile first, cloud first. More information on Skype for Business is available here: http://blogs.skype.com/2014/11/11/introducing-skype-for-business/

31 October 2013

ComputerTalk delivers Skype calls seamlessly to the contact center.

Posted in Skype, Microsoft, ComputerTalk

Using certified integration between Skype and ice, ComputerTalk's native Lync contact center solution.

Organizations that use ComputerTalk ice as their contact center solution will now be able to handle inbound voice and instant messaging conversations from the Skype network. Customers will be able to contact these organizations via a “click-to-call using Skype” option on their websites, custom apps, or social media profiles.  In addition, customers can also be provided with contact center Presence information.

Skype and ice integration can reduce toll free costs for a contact center, since Skype utilizes the Internet rather than the public telephone network.  And it provides customers the option of using the same platform for communicating with customer care organizations as they may already be using with family and friends.

“People are moving away from the PSTN network as their main method of communication. For many people, calling into support lines is the last option they choose. Many prefer using instant messaging. Microsoft’s Skype connectivity has enabled us to deliver a platform that allows customers to reach customer support representatives, using the communication method they prefer – be it voice or instant messaging,” said Chris Bardon, Chief Software Architect at ComputerTalk.

Because ice is architected to be truly native to Lync, ComputerTalk is able to seamlessly deliver Skype calls directly to customers. All ice users today have the ability to do inbound calling, inbound instant messaging, and click-to-call contact from websites and Skype contact lists.

To learn more about Skype integration with your Lync contact center, visit http://www.computer-talk.com/en/solutions/skype and request a demo.