08 January 2013

Can Skype improve Lync and UC?

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Contact Center, Lync, Unified Communications, Microsoft

What do you get when Skype and Lync join forces?  A network of billions with superior call quality and flexible options for future integration.

Users who have not yet decided on their UC (united communications) solution will still be able to convert to Skype-Lync in the future, and they’ll be able to include Microsoft social media apps as well.  By allowing users to adapt with this powerful, universal option, which provides not just a product, but a network with video, IM, and more, it’s a clear and viable business solution.

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21 October 2011

Microsoft Lync Simultaneous Ring

Written by Chris Bardon, Posted in Lync, Microsoft

One phone number for every location

Phone numbers are dumb.  There’s really no way around it-if I want to talk to someone, I need to know (or look up) an arbitrary number that’s 4 or more digits long and dial it.  This was bad enough when most people had only one number, but now I’m sure most people have at minimum two or three places where they could reasonably be expected to be reached (home, office, mobile, cottage, private jet etc).