02 January 2012

Building a standalone Lync server, or, how to write UCMA applications on a plane

Written by Chris Bardon, Posted in Lync, Microsoft

Microsoft Lync standalone

One of the difficult things about writing applications using UCMA is the fact that you need to connect to Lync in order to run or debug any of your code.  In fact, since you can’t connect UCMA applications through the edge server, you need direct access to the front end, which probably means VPN connectivity for any remote work.  On top of that, if you want to be able to provision and debug things on the server side, you’ll need administrative access to the Lync server, so it’s likely that there’ll be a separate development lab environment set up apart from your company’s everyday Lync deployment.  In the ideal case, each developer would have access to their own personal Lync sandbox, since then they could write and test whatever they needed to without impacting anyone else.

Over the past few years, I’ve run into a few people that have built monster laptops that ran Hyper-V and a full Lync stack, but I’d never tried putting one together myself.  Last week though, I finally got the chance, and while it does work, there are a few pitfalls that I found while trying to get everything going.

First, the hardware...

14 December 2011

Microsoft Lync Mobile client for Windows Phone

Written by Chris Bardon, Posted in Lync, Microsoft

Microsoft Lync 2010 Mobile Windows Phone

Yesterday, the Microsoft Lync Mobile client for Windows Phone finally got released, just making it out in the “Q4 2011” that was promised earlier this year. After making the server side changes a couple of days ahead of time, I got a chance to try the client out yesterday, and see what it can do.

First, when you log in, the client asks about setting up a single number reach, which is really just setting up Simultaneous Ring for your mobile number. This feature has been there since day one, but if nothing else, having it front and centre like this will expose it to people that have never used it before.