19 March 2018

The Personalized Contact Center Experience

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Contact Center, Unified Communications, ComputerTalk

In today’s digital world, customers expect flawless experiences across every touchpoint with your organization. The key to a flawless customer experience is relevance.

Your customers are looking for information and interactions that are relevant to them, and they don’t want all the fluff. The last thing they want to do is dig through webpages and IVR menus to find the right person or the right information. Relevance doesn’t just apply to information though. Customers also need relevance in the context of time, place, device and more.

The solution to the relevance problem is personalization. Personalization is the most powerful tool you can use to deliver a relevant experience for customers. At a high level, personalization consists of demographics and behavior. These two categories are then broken down into numerous data points that you will use to better understand the customer. In the digital age, this information is so readily available that we no longer ask the question “Why should I personalize?” The question now is “Why not personalize?

27 February 2017

Amazon Chime vs Microsoft Skype for Business

Written by Christopher Liko, Posted in Unified Communications

How does Amazon Chime stack up? Chime vs. Skype for Business comparison.

The Challenger

On February 13, Amazon released a new unified communications service named Chime. This product has been in the works since Amazon's purchase of Biba, a meeting solution provider, in late 2016. Chime is hosted on Amazon Web Services, and has been framed as an attempt to compete with Microsoft's Skype for Business. Is Amazon's product truly a competitor? Will we remember this product as the Skype-killer, or will Chime be met with resounding silence? Here is how the two products stack up on the most important 5 metrics:

06 January 2013

Importance of Contact Center in Customer Experience

Written by Martin Borowski, Posted in Contact Center

A new report conducted by the Customer Contact Association (CCA) recommends for companies to better align the direction and decisions they make about customer experience between their top executives, marketing team and customer service professionals.

The increasingly complex customer needs require great collaboration between its departments and a better representation of customer service at the executive level in order to deliver a truly customer-centric service strategy. While companies are using multiple channels to engage customers, too often they do so without fully understanding why and how a customer uses a particular channel. It is crucial to ensure customer experience is catered to the channel used. The report states many companies struggle to get the full picture of how and why customers are leveraging particular channels.

02 January 2013

3 ways to make your contact center a source of business value

Written by Vivian Pow, Posted in Contact Center

It's a new year - time for new thinking, or at least, some re-thinking.

In an older issue of the Harvard Business Review (Jan 2002 issue), Lior Arussy, of Nice Systems in New Jersey, wrote an article about ways we could rethink the call center.  Eleven years later, some of these ideas still apply - even to the contact center. While some of these require changes to operational processes,  they are interesting and may help you think of strategies that would make your contact center a true source of business value.